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Auto Repair Services

ac services
AC Services
No matter what the weather, we know it’s hard to keep your cool when your air conditioning isn’t working properly. Using your electrical system, engine, and the transference of chemicals through a heat exchanger makes these systems rather complex and expensive to repair.
wheel alignment
You want your vehicle to be as efficient as possible…to move down the road without trying to pull to one side, or to have your steering wheel sitting perfectly at the “twelve o’clock” position when travelling straight down the road. This is what is possible when your vehicle’s wheels and tires are aligned correctly.
Alternator / Charging System
The alternator is a component that delivers electrical charge back to the battery. Your battery is the “heart” of your electrical system, providing power to run computers, switches, and small motors that all have a specific function within their own systems…but without battery power, nothing works!
The battery (or batteries) of your vehicle can be thought of as the “heart” in your vehicle, as nothing else will work if it doesn’t have a proper charge. It stores a large electrical charge that sends needed current to computers, switches, and other components on demand. Some of these draw lots of power, while others only pull a few milliamps here and there. Still, all of these rely on your battery to provide power when they need it, on demand, every time.
Belts / Wipers
Rubber parts on your vehicle can take a beating, as they have to face the elements in many different ways. And usually by the end of Winter, your windshield wipers are due for replacement so they can keep things clear for the rest of the year. It’s important to keep them in good working order, as they will deteriorate over time and can scratch and etch your windshield, costing far more than blade replacement!
Your brakes are likely the second most important system on your car, truck or SUV (unless you’re already moving!!) and as such it requires regular inspection and maintenance. Actually, your braking system requires the use of several systems to be able to slow your vehicle to a stop. That’s why it is so important to use the highest quality parts, and the best available practices to make certain your vehicle is safe for your family and others on the road.
Check Engine Light
Check Engine Light
There you are, driving down the highway without a care, when suddenly a light comes on in your dash! “Service Engine Now”, or “Check Engine” is what is says, but just how important is it to get this checked out? Give us a call or stop by to find out what needs to be done.
Cooling System
Cooling System
The cooling system in your vehicle is a pressurized, closed loop system that uses coolant to move heat from your engine block to the radiator, where the coolant has an opportunity to cool before being moved by the water pump back to pick up more heat. As long as your engine is running, this never-ending cycle goes on to keep your engine as cool as possible within its operating range of temperatures. Helping to accomplish this feat are many hoses, belts, valves, canisters and even auxiliary pumps on some vehicles.
Since 1996, all vehicles have been produced with an on-board diagnostic system. This system is in line with the engine management control system, and records incidents with sensors, temperature, levels of certain gases, and general engine drivability. Whenever one of these sensors detects a reading “out of spec”, it records the issues and will typically throw a “Check Engine” or other warning light, and store a trouble code for later evaluation.